Female Dance Revues

Stellar Entertainment has been providing clubs with male dancers since 1986.

Looking for club entertainment that will attract new clientele and increase revenue? Need to draw in a crowd during a slow night? Stellar Entertainment Agency can help. We are Calgary's finest exotic entertainment agency with over 20 years experience booking female dancers and promoting exotic entertainers for Guy's Night Out.

Club owners, managers and promoters - don't allow your competitors to take the lead. Turn a slow night at the bar into a sizzling, hot strip club that will keep your clients coming back for more. Throughout history exotic entertainment has always thrived especially during periods of economic downturn. An example of this would be the mid 80's when strip clubs exploded. Strippers became a global phenomenon and a culturally accepted form of entertainment for both men and women at hotels and clubs.

The nightclub industry is a highly competitive marketplace, you're either on the way up, or on the way down. Your revenue shows it, your employees and clientele know it. With the current decline in the economy many hotels, bars, lounges and night clubs are searching for ways to generate income. With a little effort you can turn an empty bar into a thriving hot spot that will generate new customers and increase revenue.

Isn't it about time you cashed on on this $3.1 billion dollar industry? Add Guy's Night Out to your club schedule, book the hottest female revues, promote the event and watch the men go crazy.

Stellar Entertainment has been providing clubs with female dancers since 1984. We are the leading authority in female entertainment for Guy's Night Out. Bringing you the highest quality revues.

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